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XHTML help: basics – tables, tr, td, th

Sooner or later you will need to create a table of some sort. There are lots of options for displaying tabular data in XHTML so first lets look at basic HTML tables.

Stop spam: Don’t use mailto links!

How can you add an email address link (mailto:) to a webpage but also reduce the risk of that email address being harvested by spammers?

XHTML help: basics – images, the IMG tag

Every website looks a lot better with pictures. To get some great images on your page you’ll just need one simple line: <img src=”” />

XHTML help: basics – unordered list, ordered list, definition list

In HTML there are several different types of lists. Mostly commonly you’ll use an unordered list. There are two other types of lists that you could use as well: the ordered list and the definition list. Of course an ordered list can be used for items with priorities, or to show a specific order of [...]