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CSS Basics – Where to put the style definitions.

Fundamental to XHTML is the concept of separating presentational elements from structural elements. This is achieved by the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS can be included in documents in several ways; inline, embedded, and external. It is not recommended to use the inline method for styling documents because it defeats the purpose of [...]

XHTML Basics: Accessibility for tables; captions and summaries

If you want to create great tables that are understandable in alternative browsers, such as text-only and voice browsers, you’ll want to include table headers. Our accessibility tweaks don’t stop there though. Two more elements that will make your tables more usable and informative are captions and summaries.

CSS background for my space pages

A quick and effective way to enhance and personalise a webpage, or section (body, div, table) is to add an image background. This can also add greater depth than a flat colour. For this example let us look at how to add a background image to a myspace page;