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Some people take the view that once they have learnt a set of skills, with which they can gain employment, then they should protect that knowledge and not share it with other people. Whilst this may be a sensible idea for trademark holders and patent pending inventors, this approach can be very counter productive in IT. This is especially true of Internet based technology and skills.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!”

By sharing knowledge, and receiving feedback, everyone stands to learn something new each day. By helping others, you help yourself, and also increase the collective total. For more on this concept, perform a search for “Game Theory”.

For this website, the goal is simple. Share knowledge that the writers have accrued since the dawn of the web (many thanks to Tim Berners-Lee), in the anticipation that everyone will learn something new, and the quality of the web will grow.

So please go ahead, browse the site, pick up some ideas; and if you find yourself in need of HTML help, send us a comment and request a tip!

PS: by HTML help we are referring to any web page markup whether that is HTML, DHTML, XHTML or XML. Indeed the original name for this site was HTML tips before XHTML became broadly supported by all browsers.